Video CD Library Management System Project

MCA, CSE, BCA final year project on video CD Library management system project is designed in visual basic(VB).


Main objective of this project is to develop a library management system for storing large collection of videos ( movies, tv shows, video songs, comedy shows..etc).

Like library management system where books information is maintained in software application similarly using this application video CD details like purchase, billing details, stock availability, total daily collection ..etc functionality can be performed.

video cd library management system

Youtube  video link for library management system in java project over view.


Platform Dependency:

This project is designed and implemented in java, asp.net and visual basic platforms. Source code we provide here is in VB.

This application is developed in two modules

Employee Module: Using this module employee can inform customers about stock details, location, cost , billing details and upcoming CD information.

Admin Module: Admin module is used by owner of Video CD library for updating latest information, stock list , check total sales for a day , week and month. Generate reports for analysis.

Project Title: Video CD library Management System project

Software Requirement:

Front End : VB (visual basic 6)

Back End: MS-Access

Video CD Library Management System Project

Existing System vs Proposed System:

Comparing both systems existing system is time taking and less efficient. Where proposed system is is efficient and data is secure. Data is maintained in database.

Future Development:

As internet sales are increasing from day to day we can implement a web based video CD library management system through which users can buy products through online.

This feature will increase sales as well as cost for implementing will be high and there should be daily maintenance.

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