Vehicle Insurance Management System Project in Vb.Net

Vehicle insurance Management system software project in VB.NET is useful for vehicle showrooms for handling insurance details of every new vehicle that are purchased from showroom. This software is essential for every vehicle service providers for handling customer’s insurance details for many years.

Vehicle Insurance Management System Project in Vb.Net

Vehicle Insurance Management System

Project Introduction:

This project is designed by considering importance of developing software application for handling vehicle insurance details of customers which are presently maintained manually in the form of records. As the usage of software applications are reducing manual work and are used in various applications like vehicle information management, show room management..etc we also need vehicle insurance system software.

Modules Explanation:

In this project there are different forms which are used for updating records, log in to system, modifying and deleting existing records from database.

Login Form: Admin uses this form for log in to system by entering security details like username and password. He is the primary user.

Motor Insurance Records: When user applies for vehicle insurance details of motor, amount paid, total years of insurance are entered in to database.

Existing Records: As details are stored in database admin can modify, delete existing records based on requirements.

Motor Search: Admin can search for old records based on registration name, vehicle number or insurance number.

Motor Report: This is report generation module where insurance details are provided in file and provide print out for user.

Setting Module: Admin will have permission to chance setting like username, password.

Download Vehicle Insurance management system project Source code in vb.net.

Students can download related project source code in java, vb.net with project documentation from below useful links.

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