Vehicle Information System Project

Vehicle information system project application designed in visual basic (vb.net ) platform for computerizing existing vehicle management system.

Project Introduction:

Using this software application any companies which works on managing works related to vehicles like insurance, report generations, handling customer information ..etc can save time, increase efficiency and provide efficient customer support for customers.

Vehicle Information System Project

Functionality in Vehicle information system Project:

These are few operations this software can perform.

Managing vehicle insurance details like adding new vehicle details, deleting old insurance records, editing and modifying old records

In insurance category there is non motor insurance details option for entering details of customers

There is a Report generation for every record entered in to database. This is useful for submitting report to users who had took insurance for motors for further submission.

Using report generation module we can add new record, delete existing record, modify and edit existing records.

Download Vehicle information system Project in Vb.net using sql server.

Advantages of Vehicle insurance system:

Main advantages of this system are entire system works on computerized platform where data is managed in database which will be easy for organizing past records.

Chances of losing records is less and customers information is securely managed.

Provide better service for customers.

Cost of human resource required in vehicle insurance information managing companies will be reduced.

Future Scope:

Basing on client requirement we can design project in different languages asp.net, php, or java. In existing system data is managed manually , this system will computerize entire system. We can integrate vehicle tracking system, registration system, vehicle management system in to this software for making it a all in one application.

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Vehicle Information and Insurance System Documentation

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