Ticket Management System

Ticket Management System Project(VB.Net) is also called as TMS system used mainly in transport department ( BUS) for managing daily earning received by every conductor in procedure oriented manner.

Ticket management System

For Bus conductors updating daily collections after the end of the day by counting huge amount is a time taking process. Using these simple ticket management system bus conductors can use software for automating this process. 

Project Introduction:

Bus ticket management software works on simple hardware and software integration technology. Conductor can view different locations or stops bus will pass through and when user request for ticket he can select that location and details of cost, kilometers..etc are taken from database and displayed on ticket and print is given to passenger. 

Initially details of route, cost for ticket ..etc details are stored in database which are retrieved when conductor selects. When ticket is issues these details like time, cost, issue date route..etc details are stored in database. 

Features in Online Ticket Management: 

Data is managed in database with date and time.

We can modify details in database for changing route information, cost for ticket.etc.

When ticket is issued by conductor details are stored in database.

Conductor can calculate daily collection within seconds. 

Download Ticket Management System Project. 

Future Scope:

We can add other features like wireless data transmission of data to upload data in centralized database. Ticket cancellation and return payment option can be implemented. 

Software and Hardware Requirement:

Front End Design: Visual Basic (vb.net)

Back end Database:  Micro Soft SQL Database. 

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