Staff Management System Project

Project titled staff management system project is a software application (vb.net) useful in organizations for managing employees staff information in a organized manner. 

staff management system project

Project Description:

For any organizations with more employees require a efficient method to organize employees details like salary, cuttings, loans, tax details..etc. In existing system small companies use to work on manual procedure where most of the data is maintained in records. As usage of software applications are increasing in every field we developed a simple user friendly application using visual basic programming language. 

Features in Staff management system project:

Entire application works on software environment with database as  back end application for storing employees details.

Report generation module helps admin to provide salary reports, tax information and other details to employees.

Users are provided with employee id , information is updated to database based on this employee id.

Employees can search for detailed information based on this employee id.

This software can be installed in any system with centralized database. Data will be updated to database from any location. 

List of Modules in this project:

There are totally six modules among these admin is a primary user who has permissions to update , delete, modify employee details and employee module has limited permissions. Other modules are salary, staff, report generation, leaves, attendance, settings. 

Future Scope: 

Employee payroll management system project has good scope by adding more modules. We can integrate online processing system through which users can connect though online. 

Download Staff management system project source code in vb.net 

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