Simple Calculator Project

This software application is a simple calculator project useful for students to learn basic visual basic with basic concepts. Using this calculator project we can perform addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square root.

simple calculator project

We are familiar with windows calculator which is similar to this software. This project is for college students who are new to Vb.Net. 

Introduction to Visual Basic.Net: 

Vb.net programming language has best features for developing major projects and mini projects. VB.net Supports important programming features like inheritance, object oriented programming. For implemented major projects we need concepts like multi threading, overloading, exception handling which are easy to use in Vb.net.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Front End Design: VB.Net programming language

Basic hardware requirement with good processing speed and RAM

Steps for Design details:

Simple calculator application consists of 0-10 number buttons one text box were entered details are displayed and operation buttons ( plus, minus, division, equal to, point and square root button)

  • Create new project file with simple calculator project and save.
  • Using Visual basic designer add all the buttons shown in the figure.
  • Write logic for addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square root.
  • Test logic by using different combinations for every operation. 

Download Simple Calculator Project in Vb.net source code 

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