Shoe Store Billing Management System Project

Project Titled Shoe Store Billing Management System Project is a software application designed in visual basic( VB.NET) platform and MS Access database. Main objective of this project is provide a computerized solution for organizing different types of works included in bata shoe shops.

shoe store billing management system

Issues in Shoe Billing System:

In existing shoe billing system most of the work is done manually and data is managed in books. Main issues in this system are.

Data is managed in the form of records and there is no security for data. As we update  billing details in to bill books retrieving old bill details for any replacement will be time taking process. Other issue is if there is any mistake in billing no chances of editing or modifying data. Manual calculations for purchase of many shoes while billing is not a easy task. No report generation methods , More man power is required.

Download Shoe Store Billing Management System Project vb.net open Source code.

Modules Explanation:

Shoe Store Billing Management System consist of four main modules. Each module is sub divided in to two modules.

Party Module: This module will handle information regarding customer or party. This module is subdivided in to two modules party information, party payment.

Party Information: Details like name, address, phone number, email id are stored in this module.

Party payment: Details regarding total purchases by a party. Pending details..etc are managed through this module.

Client Module: Using this module detailed information of client is entered in to database. These details can be deleted, modified any time by admin.

This module is sub divided into client information and client payment.

Search Module: In search module shop owner can search for old records based on bill id number.  Search works for client cash memo and party cash memo.

Report generation: Using this module shop owner can generate bill details in the form of reports.

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