Sales and Inventory Management System Project

Main objective of implementing sales and inventory management system project is to design a efficient automated application for automation of different functionalities inside organization. Just not limiting to management functionalities we can also generate reports which will help in managing a company this feature will improve standard of inventory system in billing, services and sales.

We designed best sales and inventory management software considering limitations of existing inventory systems. We understand various aspects of inventory management in side organization and developed this software.

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Sales and Inventory Management System Project

Admin login:

This is the main module for inventory system where admin has full rights to control application and maintain database details, billing and sales details.

Measure module:

Main functionality of measure module is to measure different types of products information available in stores and update to application

Category Module:

Products available in the store are divided in to different categories which will help inventory system to collect specific product from that category.

Product Module:

Product details like quantity, description, amount details are maintained in this module. When product is searched these details will be available for billing.

Supplier Module:

For every product there will be supplier and based on the required stock specific supplier  is contacted for requesting stock. This module will maintain supplier details based on various categories.


This module maintains information of availability of stock and update regularly to inventory system.

Download Sales and Inventory management system project source code.


Customer’s information is maintained through this application. This module will help in contacting customers by retrieving details from database.

Payments & Bill Maintenance:

Payments and billing details done by customers, suppliers..etc are maintained in this application.


For every system there need to be a feedback system or complaint system where users can submit there problems which will increase support facilities for a organization. This module is basically designed for that reason.

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