Medical Store System Project

Medical store system project or pharmaceutical distribution management system project comes under management related category. This project source code is implemented in visual basic(vb.net) and sql server as back end database.

medical store system project

Project objective:

Main aim of this project is to provide a software solution for medical shops for managing different types of tasks for reducing work load and increase efficiency of work. This software provides automated billing system, managing supplier records, managing stock details, customer information, suppler details and report generation system.

This software will help medical stores to manage work in procedure oriented manner. Management can check records , total for monthly calculations, stock details in advance and provide better service for customers by managing there information in database and informing them when stock is available.

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Advantages of Medical store system project:

Data is managed in database with easy retrieval of existing old records.

Easy to check stock details by daily updating purchased items and available stock.

Managing customer’s information and contacting old customers is easy by updating customers details to application.

Report generation module helps to generating reports.

Download Medicals store system project in vb.net using sql server.

Software and Hardware Requirements:

Front End : Vb.net (visual basic 2005)

Back End Database: Sql Server

For designing quality pages use Microsoft visual studio

For designing images use microsoft paint.

Project Scope:

Medical store management system project can be further improved by adding features like sending sms to customers. Informing stock details to management and informing availability of medicines.

Useful Links:

Medical Store Management System Project Report 

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