Medical Clinic Inventory System Project

Medical clinic inventory system project is management software useful for big hospitals and small clinics for organization different types of works included in clinics.

Main Objective:

Main idea behind developing this software application is to computerize information that is important in hospitals to reduce work load and increase efficiency of the system in less time. Using clinic inventory system hospital administration can manage patient’s information, doctor’s information, incoming and outgoing patients data, patients previous visiting details and billing details.

Medical Clinic Inventory System

Work flow in clinic System:

Different types of patients will visit clinic based on there health problems. Administration will update patients information and guide them to visit specific doctor based on disease and information doctors timings. Patients should take appointment and take advice and details of patients disease are noted. After few days patient should visit again for check up.

This is the basic process every clinic or hospital will follow which is a time taking and procedure oriented process. In existing system this method is done through manual method and data is maintained in records. In this system there is need to complete work in less time and more efficiently. By considering all these issues we designed medical clinic inventory system visual basic (vb.net)  project where data is organized and provide efficient service for patients.

Advantages of inventory system:

Data is maintained in database, easy to track old records and data is secure.

Patients information is maintained in database.

Man power required to run a clinic will be reduced.

Easy to analyze patients status and records and provide better service.

Download Medical Clinic inventory System Source code.

Future Scope:

We have scope for adding more modules for this system like human resource system integration will help in managing employees, doctors details. Adding SMS feature for informing doctors and patients on important data.

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