Library Automation System Project Report

Library Automation System Project Report in Vb.Net covers detailed explanation about project design and data flow diagram, class diagram, screen shots, database details..etc. This final year project contains full project source code for every module.

Library Automation System Project

Benefits of using Library Automation System Project :


The project is very cheap when compared to other commonly available Data Retrieval, Manipulation & Storage System for a cooperative society.

Easy to Master

The project provides a very friendly approach to its features, the look and appearance of each control is designed in such a way that only by viewing them the user can understand its functionality.

Easy to Use

The project provides the user an easy approach to its functionality by providing Toolbars that contains buttons for almost all required tasks. The user can easily navigate from one part of the project to another without having any sort of trouble.


The project is divided into three measure applications: the Administrator, the User and the Guest, the Administrator is authorized for modification of data and can change Password for all the three levels; he can also change the values of CD, OD & Interest. The user can modify the data but can not change Password, CD, OD and Interest. The guest can only view the data but can not make any changes.


The project is highly reliable because there is no chance of any loss of data and the data available can be altered only by the authorized users. 

Time Saver

Data retrieval and storage using this system is much faster than maintaining the record manually.

The future enhancement of the software can provide many more other facilities in the different areas like payroll, scheme human resources and development section of institute.

Download Library Automation System Project Report in Vb.Net 

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