Leave Management System Project in Vb.Net

Leave Management System Project ( VB.NET) is management software useful for organizations where there is need of handling different types of tasks which is related to employees working in organization. At present most of the companies use Employee management System software where leave management module is integrated.

Leave Management System

Leave Management System Project

Project Abstract: This software application is useful for handling employees department details, employee details, Holiday lists, Leave details, Leave approval, leave cancellation, Monthly leaves, Monthly leave report, Yearly reports.

Modules Explanation:

Login Module: Each employee is provided with unique user id for log in to system. Admin has permission to add, delete and modify employee details.

Employee Module: Employee user account consists of personal details and job details. Employee can log in to account to view holidays, number of holidays, total number of leaves take, pending leaves…Etc.

Monthly Leave Reports: This module helps employees and officials to view employee’s monthly leaves and generate reports.

Holiday Details: Yearly holidays lists are available in this module. Employee can plan leaves based on this list. Leave Module: Using this module employee can apply for leave and know status of leave approval or cancellation by team leader.

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Design Details: Leave management system software can be developed in ASP.NET, JAVA, VB.NET, PHP. Here we provide vb.net source code and reference links for other platforms.

Download Leave Management System Project in Vb.Net

Detailed explanation of every module is provided in project documentation and report. Download code, ppt, report from below link.

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