LAN Chat system Project

Project Titled “ LAN Chat system project” is a socket programming based project used for communicating with users located at other locations through online. This application is similar like yahoo chat, facebook chat..etc with limited features.

Project Introduction:

Main aim of LAN Chat system project is to develop a simple chatting application covering basic concepts of socket programming in vb.net(visual basic) programming language. This application is developed in a way that we can use this application for multiple connections i..e, at a time multiple users can log in and chat.

LAN Chat System Project

Software requirements:

Front End Interface: VB.Net( visual basic 6)

Features in LAN Chat System Project:

Multiple users can chat at a time.

Designed with few commands which can retrieve server data, remote shut down, up time and down time

This software covers basic features like buddy management, finding users, blocking messages. This features allow users to read messages being office and find online users.

In this application we use prism server for managing chat rooms, managing sent and received messages..etc

Instant message and fast transfer of messages to multiple users within few clicks.

Online and offline message viewing , adding friends to contact groups, chat invitations

Features in Server:

Users can view history of messages he sent and received.

Generate static reports and managing connections and users.

Download LAN Chat System Project VB.net Source code

Platform Dependency:

There are different types of LAN chat application like video chat, text chat..etc. This project is also developed in java, asp.net, c++ (using socket programming).  

We provide reference links to full project source code and project reports with reference material for free  download.


We can add more features to chat application like sending smiles, shifting to online and offline mode..etc

Useful Links:

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