Jewellery Shop Management System Project in Vb.Net

Project Name “ Jewellery shop management system “ is a standalone vb.net software useful for jewellery show rooms for handling data management works.

Jewellery Management System

Jewellery Management System Project

Project Design Details:

Admin is the primary who will have permissions to access software. Admin is provided with unique user name and password for performing operations.

Main form: Using this form admin can navigate to other forms. Main form consist of utilities , transactions, reports and help options on menu tab.

Utilities Forum consists of 

database back up form: Using this features admin can take back up of old records and clear database.

Change Password Form: Admin can change password by entering old password and new password and conform.

Employee Details: Information of employees working in jeweler shop are managed using this form. Employee name, address, phone number, salary details are stored in table_employee database table.

Other forms are customer form and supplier form. These details are stored in table_customer, table_ supplier database tables.

Youtube video link to view DFD diagrams


Software Requirements

Front End Design: Visual basic

Database: Microsoft Access

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Reduces manual work and provides data security and fast access of old records.

Analyze old records and take back up for further analysis on sales and stock.

Taking orders from customers and updating customer’s information to database for further contact.

New Module Ideas:

Students who want to develop this application as mini project with new features can add SMS request option for updating billing details, order status. Information admin about stock notifications when stock is completed.

Download jewellery shop management system project in VB.Net 

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