Hostel Management System Project in Vb.Net

Project Titled “Hostel management system”  project is a standalone application designed in vb.net programming language using MS Access database.

Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System Project

Project Category:

Management Software

Project Abstract:

Management software are playing important role in present business environment. In order to improve standards of handling data these software are used. This software can handle students personal information, payment details, rooms allocation details.

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Modules Explanation:

Students Information Module: Using this module personal details like address, phone number, education details are managed. When every management want to find students information using search feature we can retrieve information using module.

Allocation Module: When management want to allocate room from students they can search of total number of rooms available and based on availability rooms are allotted.

Search Module: Records of students are searched using this module. Payment details, personal information, allocation details can be searched.

Payment Module: Students monthly payment details are managed using this module. Pending details are shown to admin for informing to student.

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Project Scope:

Hostel management software is useful in private and government hostels. This software is cost effective and easy to manage with our any issues.

Students can use this project as education project and find related projects on same concept developed in asp.net, java, vb.net and php with project report and documentation for free download.

Download Hostel Management System Project in Vb.Net

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