Gas Agency Management System Project

Gas agency management system project is a software application designed for gas agency for managing customers information with billing details , stock details and , new connections. Using this software manual process will be reduced and efficiency for serving customers will be increased.

Gas Agency Management System Project

Working Procedure:

When customer applied for new connection his address, phone number, previous connection details , fees details are updated to database  and for every user unique ID is created. Using this id gas agency will identify that user.

In order to book new cylinder user need to call to agency and give his id. Basing on this id agency will look details in database and know previous delivery details and then new cylinder to issued to user and date , time are updated to database.

This software provides report generation system though which gas agency can analyze details like stock and income.

Youtube video link will give over view on dfd, screen shots, sequence diagram.


Comparing present and exiting system:

This software is developed for barath gas agency for atomizing billing system where they used manual method for issuing refill cylinders. Customers details are stored in records which is time taking process and time for supplying cylinders to users takes time.

In order to overcome this problem gas agency management system is developed where entire data is stored in database and user can access data using a user friendly graphical user interface.

Using present software system we can easily manage refill requests and provide best service for users and also for agencys.

Download Gas Agency management system project Source code in vb.net using MS Access.

Gas Agency Management System Project Requirements and Specifications:

Software must be user friendly developed in vb.net and MS Access database.

Users can add customer id, address, location, billing information, last date of delivery and present delivery date.

Easy to retrieve old records based on customer id.

Report generation module for billing and analyzing stock details.

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