Employee Payroll System Project

Employee payroll system project is a management system Software application designed in vb.net programming language.  This software is used in organizations for managing information of employees and handling salary, payment, tax details in a single application. 

Employee Payroll System Project

Introduction to Project:

Inside every company there is needed to manage employee’s details for providing better service in a procedure oriented manner. Most of the companies are still using manual procedure for managing employee’s details which is not secure and human resource required is more.

Considering these issues and making work simple we propose an employee and payroll system through which administrator can add employee’s details, update salary details, delete, modify existing records, Update pending payments, tax information and provide reports for employees for every month. 

Youtube video link to view screen shots:


Software Specifications:

Front End Design: VB.net

Back End database:  SQL Server 

Employee Information and Payroll Management System Modules: 

Admin module: Admin is the primary user for this application who has rights to perform any type of operations on details in database. 

Add Employee: Using a graphical user interface details of employee are added in to database with details like employee id, name, phone number, email id, designation, level, user name and password.

 Delete Employee:  Admin can delete employee details permanently from database. Using this module we can perform this operation. 

Message composes: Employee can communicate with admin by sending messages on any issues by sending messages using this module. 

Employee Pay Slips: Employees details of salary, tax, lone ..etc details are given in pay slip.

Download Employee Payroll System Project in Vb.net 

Students can refer to below links for project report, documentation, abstract and source code in java. From java code links you can download asp.net, vb.net project source code also.

Useful Links:

Employee Payroll System Project Report 

Employee Payroll System Project in Java

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