Employee Management System Project in Vb.Net

Employee management system Project in VB.Net  software plays important role inside organizations for managing different types of information related to employees. This system includes payroll management, leave management, attendance management integrated in to single software.

employee management system

employee management system

Project Description:

This project is designed in visual basic ( VB.NET) programming language using MYSQL database. Organizations where large number of employees is working need a best management software for human resource management team for organizing employee salary, employee loan, reports, experience, designation, project they are working…etc.

All these details can be easily managed using employee management software. Modules and design details are explained below.

Project Modules:

Every module has different form design where main module will guide user to move to next sub module form.

Company Master Module:  Employee job details and under which department they are working , experience, designation, details are managed in this module.

Sub modules: company, branch, department, designation and grade.

Employee Module: Employee profile and personal details related to company are managed using this module.

Leave Module: Employee leave management module is designed to handle monthly leave details of employee and total amount of deductions are shown on the form.

Loan Module: Employee loan management module is designed to handle amount of loan deductions from salary, bank details, total salary details.

Salary Module: Total amount of salary, percentage of hikes from past year, salary received date…etc are managed using this module.

Reports: This module helps to generate reports for above mentioned modules.

Download Vb.Net Employee Management System Source Code

Source code in Different Platforms:

This software coding is available in vb.net, asp.net, java , php, C++ programming languages for free download.  Download this mini project from below reference links.

Youtube video link to view dfd, entity diagram , system design diagram.

Useful Links:

Employee Management System Project PPT

Employee Management System Project in Java

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