Crime File Management System Project in Vb.Net and SQL Server

Crime file Management System Project is a software application implemented in vb.net using SQL server as back end.


Inside police department there are many tasks like filing FIR, taking complaints, Filing chart sheets, existing prisoners records, details of searching criminals, Updates of cases from courts..etc. In order to manage this information we use crime file management system software.

crimine file management system project

Along with managing crime details there is also resource management system where police department salary details, experience, transfer details are managed through this application.

This project source code can also be implemented in php, asp.net, java platforms. We provide vb.net source code and reference links for java source code.

Youtube video link to view reference details (dfd,screen shots of related project)


Download Crime file management system project source code in vb.net.


There are totally eight modules in crime file management software. Main modules are admin and user modules. Admin has more privileges than any other user.

Master Module:  This is the main module where admin can check all module details and even delete or accept records.
Payroll module: This is only for department staff where details of salaries, leaves, over time, transfers details are maintained.
Crime module: Using this module department can find any criminal details or update latest updates to existing criminal records or add new record.
Law and order module: Information regarding law and order and sections applicable to specific region are managed through this module.
Court details module: After every case details of case are updated to this module.
 Report module: For any record we can give print out using report module.
 Help module: For any support from department or suggestions this module is used.
Exit module: For closing application exit module is used.

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