Courier Management System Project in Vb.Net

Courier Management System project( VB.NET) is designed for handling managing goods details, delivery details, customer information, date of delivery, billing details with employee management system and client management system integrated in to single application.

courier management system

Modules Explanation:

Packet Entry: In these module products in coming time, time of delivery, details are managed. Details are stored in database.

Customer Information Management: As soon as product is delivered to user details of delivery time, security details are updated to database.

Billing Module: After customer payment process is completed , details of payment, product name, time of delivery details are shown in billing form.

Employee Management Module: Using this management module employees salary details, attendance details are managed.

Customer Support: Customers can contact courier office for any queries regarding delivery and cost details.

Report Generation Module: Using this module we can generate reports on daily , weekly and monthly basis. These reports are useful for analyzing monthly transactions.

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Project Title:

Courier Management System Project

Download Courier Management system project in vb.net

Existing vs Proposed System:

In existing system manual documentation method is used where customer need to fill form with details of package..etc which is time taking process and details are managed in records. It is tough to recollect old records in order to overcome these problems we use software application were most of the calculation and management part is managed by system. This method will increase efficiency, security and best customer support.

Detailed explanation about this project implementation is provided project report. Download related project source code in php and asp.net from below links.

Useful Links:

Courier Management System Project Report

Courier Management System Project PPT

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