College Voting System Project in Vb.Net

College voting system project is a visual basic project( vb.net). In this post we will explain about how this software should be designed and what are the concepts should be used.

college voting system project

Project Description:

Main objective of this college voting system software project idea is to design a user friendly application for colleges which should consist of details of participants , and provide security for reducing duplicate voting and calculating results with in less time.

College voting system project Design Requirements:

Front end must be designed in vb.net and back end Mysql database.

Using front end user must able to view candidates list to whom they should vote.

Details of students and candidates must be checked with the data available in database.

Based on Students id number voting updates should be calculated.

Lock students access after once they are voted for providing security.

Youtube video link covers useful information related to this project


Hardware and Software Requirements:

Front End Design: Visual Basic (Vb.net)

Back end Database: MS SQL Server. 

Comparing Existing and Proposed System:

In existing system most of the colleges use ballet voting procedure where there are chances of multiple voting by one person and time taken for calculating and voting is more. In order to solve these issues this new idea will be helpful.

Project Development:

There are similar projects on same concept like online voting system. Students can download asp.net project source code, project report and PPT from below reference links.

Useful Links:

College Online Voting System Project PPT

Online voting system a ASP.Net Project

Online Voting System Project in Java

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