Cake Ordering System Project

Cake ordering system project (Vb.Net) is managing software for bakery’s to handle customer’s orders, bill payment details, report generation and sales details. 

Cake Ordering System

Project Introduction:

In present system there are many cake providers where they have many customers every day. Handling customers with better service for taking orders, complete work in limited time and provide accurate service in time limit. In order to provide this service existing system is not efficient.
Here we provide a simple software application through which cake ordering system can be made easy, sales can be calculated and reports can be generated for every day and month. 

Modules Description:

There are totally four main modules in this application master, order, sales and logout. Only admin has permissions to enter details he is the primary user who can add , delete, modify details from database and update new details.

Master Module: This module is sub divided in to four modules, flavor, cakes, reports and registration.

Order Module: In this module updating order details, order date and time and time issuing details and customer information are maintained

Sales module:  In this module advance payment details, bill generation, customer information are maintained and details are stored in database.

Log out Module and Exit Module: Admin can log out from the application and exit from the software using this module. 

Future Scope:

We can add more modules like SMS module through which details of cake order are updated to user as soon as order is done with payment pending details. 

Download Cake Ordering System Project source code in vb.net 

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