Boutique Management System Project

Boutique management system software project in VB.NET is useful for big cloth show rooms for managing products and customer details, product search and billing details.

Boutique Management System

Boutique Management System Report

Project Introduction:

In present trend most of the management work is done through software applications. Using software applications can reduce man power and computerize entire process. There are few software for managing boutique sales and inventory management system so we designed simple software with important features that are explained below.

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Modules Details:

Product Listing: Details of different products available in show room are visible in this module.

Add Products: Using this module we can add new stock details that are available in show room.

Adding Customers Details: We can add new customer’s details and personal details for further contact and updating new products details to them.

Update and Delete Products: Details that are out dated can be deleted from application and we can even update new stock details with existing records in database.

Updating Customer details: Old records that are present in database can be deleted and even updated.

Report Generation: Details of data that are updated to every module can be printed from report generation module for analyzing daily , monthly and weekly status.


This software application will reduce manual work and reduce manual power.

Data is secured and no chances of losing data. Security algorithm is used for password security.

Provide solution for analyzing Billing details for daily, month, year sales.

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