Attendance Management System Project

Attendance management system project is developed in Vb.Net programming language using sql server database. Main objective of this project is to provide solution for schools and colleges for managing lecturer’s daily attendance details using a software application. 

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System Project

Project Abstract: 

Software applications are now a day’s used in every filed for reducing manual work and increasing process of data management. There are applications like college administration system, institute management system which are used in colleges for managing employee’s attendance and salaries.

These software can handle various types of tasks but in this software only attendance and class periods management, time table, students attendance details can be managed. 

Project Advantages:

 It is easy for students and lecturers to view class timings and changes in class timings using this software.

No manual interaction required between lecturers and students for knowing about time table and syllabus details.

Lecturers can update student’s attendance details to software which will calculate percentage of attendance for each student.

Lecturers attendance details are updated to software which will help to have over view on total number of leaves taken..Etc.

 Features over View: 

Attendance management software is a standalone application which has features like

Add lecturer , assigning periods, attendance, password management, class time table, lecturer time table, search students, show class time table, students details …etc. 

Above mentioned Form design source code in vb.net can be downloaded from below link. 

Download Attendance Management system for Employees Project in Vb.Net 

Project design: 

This project can be developed in other platforms  ( JAVA, ASP.NET ) some useful links for downloading documentation and project report is provided in below link. 

Useful Links: 

Online Attendance Management System Project  in Asp.Net 

Attendance Management System Project Documentation

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