Web Based Project Management System PHP Source Code

Web based project management system is designed to manage different tasks of a project by dividing project in small modules and allocated to different teams. For every software company this application is compulsory.

Functionality of this System:

Project is divided and allocated to available resources.

Employees are allotted to specific task based on skills and experience.

Project time is analyzed for completing work in given time.

Based upon resource availability, time and quality of service budget is analyzed.

Communication and documentation are used to interaction between clients and company.

web based project management system

Advantages of Project management system:

Easy to control Project Budget

Efficient use of employees

Clear communication with clients

This application is useful in online advertising agency for managing tasks.

Development Platform:

Web based project management system or project management system project can be implemented in asp.net, java and PHP. Here we provide source code for PHP using My SQL server.

Existing system is a offline application where users need to work from office. Proposed system provides better option for working from any location using web based system. 

Project Title: Web based project management system

Future Enhancements:

Developing a visual chart view for designing online project plan

Improve team collaboration even employees work from different parts of the world

Manage teams and resources for running and upcoming projects.

Create actionable project reports for every project.

Download Web based project management system in PHP

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