Student Information System Project in PHP

Student information system project is a(PHP MYSQL) web application for managing students information in every college. This application allows in storing student level data and allows college management to analyze and store every information related to study, administration, reports, mark cards, attendance details and general  contact information in a procedure oriented manner.

Student information system Project

Project Objective:

Online student management system or college management system project is designed for colleges and universities for providing a solution for students to know about important details through online.

Features in College Management System:

Online inquiry system through which students can send queries to administrator.

Updating students contact details like branch, parents details, address.

Handling students marks for every year and seminster wise with detailed report, percentages, grade..etc

Updating attendance details for every class, provide shortage of attendance , fine details.

Managing internal marks information for every subject and year.

DFD, Screen shots, E R Diagram refer to youtube video link.


Advantages of online student management system:

Students and parents can know about there college records with out visiting college or universities.

Students can contact college through online and find details which will save time.

Managing work in the form of records is reduced. Data is secure and centralized.

Download Student Information System Project in PHP

Project Scope:

Now a days every one is familiar in using software applications . This system helps colleges to improve standard of service and provide computerized method. Adding sms alerts with important information, Updating exam dates , attendance alerts , forum for communicating with lecturers will add more features and helpful to students.

Students can download java source code from below reference links

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