Social Networking Project in PHP Using MySql

Social Networking Project explains about how to develop (PHP and MYSQL) a facebook like web site which consists of basic features which are available in facebook social networking site.

social networking project

Project Introduction:

Social networking sites are most popular for sharing information between friends, relatives, teachers..etc. In present trend social networking websites has created new source of communication using chat, messaging, text sharing..etc.  There are similar social networking projects developed by google ( google+) and many online sharing sites.

Considering all these developments we designed a PHP project which consist of chat, image sharing, video sharing, polls, likes, dislikes, search for friends, send friend requests..etc.

Features in Social Networking site:

Users can find friends, send friend requests and add friends based on their priority.

Post comments, share images in private and public mode.

Chat with friend’s online mode and offline mode.

Users can edit profile , update profile , upload images to profile.

Website owners can advertise their sites or products using this social networking site.

Secured user login with advanced features.

Useful video link related to this project with ER diagram details.


Hardware and software Requirements:

For developing web based application php is the best programming language which is easy to understand.

Front End: PHP

Back End: My Sql server.

Download Social Networking Project in PHP using Mysql.


Developing apps for social networking sites will help users to share information on web in fast way.

As we see in facebook apps, like button is integrated in every website where if user likes certain post he can share on social networking website which will increase website advertising.

These sites are also useful in sharing education information, health related help,  latest news.

Mobile apps can help to reach maximum number of users in short time and share mobile images directly using apps.

Useful Links:

Social Networking Project Report

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