School Survey project in PHP

Project titled “school survey project” is developed in PHP programming language. Main objective of this project is to design a simple software application for universities and schools for analyzing various information in the form of reports. 

school survey project

This project is a web based application which is designed in PHP programming language using HTML and AJAX. 

Advantages of System: 

This application will reduce manual work for administration for conduction surveys.

This system will provide clear understanding of differences by comparing various reports.

Analysis is provided in the form of reports.

Records are stored in database there is no chances of loosing data and retrieving old records will be easy. 

Future Scope: 

We can add more modules like analyzing students marks by comparing test reports and provide graphical view for clear understanding about students standard to parents. Along with marks this method can be used for attendance, sports, culture activities..Etc. 

Download School Survey project in PHP source code. 

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