Information Management System Project

Information Management System Project is designed incorporating a wide array of choices to ensure maximum support and guidance for the user’s logging into the site. The highlights of the system include an enquiry system, to handle the queries of the students, a registration and booking system that provides online booking and registration facilities for the user’s right from any part of the globe. 

 Existing system 

 System Study 

The existing system is purely a manual one. The student is forced to come to visit the institute. This marks the starting of a very tedious process. The various courses have been projected on a board in the front office. The user glances through the courses or projects and the front officer staff handles enquiries. The testing and interview are handled manually. The registration process follows through with lot of paper work involved in the process. 

If a student wants to claim some doubts about the subject he has to come to the institute and approach the concerned faculty. If in a situation the student or faculty is out of station the student cannot even approach the faculty. This leads dissatisfaction to student. 

Pupil from different part of the world cannot know about the institute because there is no wide advertisement about the Institute. If the user wants to possess some query about the institute he is forced to come to the institute and approach the Front office staffs. This involves a tedious process to the user. 

  Before a fee payment has to be done manually lot of process are required to be completed. This leaves the user in frustration.

Download Information Management System Project Report.

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