Online Video Streaming Project

Project Titled “Online video streaming project” is  a web application which is used for watching videos from online website. PHP is the programming language used to develop this project. 

online video streaming

Project Introduction:

In present trend online video streaming web sites are popular and providing best business and entertainment opportunity for users.  Youtube is the best example for video streaming site.  This project is related to same concept here users can upload videos, edit videos, modify existing videos on their profile. 

There are different modules with variation in permissions for every module. Administrator and user module are main modules. User module helps in creating new profile for every user and provides option for uploading videos to website which can be private or public where as admin module is super user who has permissions to delete any video. 

Initially user must register with application to become a permanent user then only he can upload videos. There are online editing tools which help users to modify videos. 

Comparing to other website we need large space and high end system requirements for implementing this project. 

Here we provide demo project source code which will help for students as education project. 

Advantages of Video Streaming Website:

Users can share any information through online in the form of videos like comedy clips, movies, personal videos..etc.

At a time many users can view single video. 

Download Online Video Streaming Project Source Code. 

Hardware and Software requirement:

Front End Design: PHP programming language.

Back End database: MySQL 

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