Online Task Management System

Project titled “ Online task management system project “ is a web based PHP and MYSQL software application used in software companies for efficient communication between employees inside organization.

Objective of Project:

In software companies it is important to manage tasks between employees for better results. This software will allow team members to create groups and assign tasks to employees at different levels and update tasks status. Employees should register with application and add to specific group they belong to and send mails to other users.

online task management system project

Programming requirements:

PHP and MYSQL are front end and back end software required for developing this software and XAMPP server must be installed to run this application.

Project operations Explanation:

Home page: This is the main page where uses can find profile details and list of users in group.

Managing Page: In managing page users can add to group, add new task , view other tasks in that group and find users in that group. Users can also delete mails, delete tasks, edit tasks, edit group tasks, look after members involved in specific task

Message module:

Using this module group member can read mails, reply to mails, send mails, and delete mails check sent items.

Advantages of Online Task Management System Project:

Easy to communicate between employees who are working on similar task

Employees can share information between a group and solve issues.

Updates of completed and pending tasks can be analyzed.

Easy to find out exact person who had solved specific issues

Download Online Task Management System Project in PHP

This project source code is also available in asp.net with full project report, source code and database. On students requests we can update project source code.

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