Online Shopping System Project

Online shopping system project is web based project which is used to sell or buy products through online website like ebay, flipcart ..etc. This application is also called as e-commerce website where different products are listed under mobile, pc, home applications..etc category. Users can select products and add to chart and pay amount through online procedure like paypal, credit card. Products are delivered to home after few days. There are few online shopping websites where we can pay amount after delivery of product.

Online shopping system project

In this shopping website we implemented all the basic features that are available in e commerce sites.

Online shopping cart system project over view:

Project Description:

Main aim of shopping cart website is to provide a online service users to buy and sell goods by sitting at home through internet.

Requirements for Shopping cart application:

PHP is the most used programming platform to develop web application so we used PHP by adding (HTML, java script, ajax). MYSQL is the database we used in this software.

Advantages of this project:

Users can buy or sell products through online by searching best product.

We can compare products rates of different brands and find best option in limited budget.

Users can sell first hand and second hand products through this application.

Download Online Shopping System Project source code in PHP MYSQL

Future Scope:

As the internet shopping is increasing from year to year we can add many new features like introducing new products in to application like dresses, home applications..etc which will increase business scope.

Reference material for developing this application:

In order to develop this shopping cart software we provide overview on project in project abstract and dfd, sequence diagrams, design details are provided in project documentation. These document will guide in designing stage.

Online shopping system Project Report

Online shopping System Project abstract

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