Online Hotel Reservation System

 For improving hotel business and providing scope for global reservation of rooms we developed an online hotel reservation system which is an web application. Using this web application user from any location can book hotel rooms through online. This application is useful  for travel agents , hotels and travelers.

When customers or agents want to book rooms they can search based on type of room, cost of room and total number of people. Based on these searches we can book hotel rooms using this website.

Online Hotel Reservation System

In this application there will be multiple hotels listed based on category. We can search for best option based on our budget. Administrator of online hotel reservation system application can add, delete or modify new application of hotel and update rooms details and generate occupancy rate report for every hotel.

For developing this application we used PHP and MYSQL database as front end and back end.

Video link on hotel booking system will be useful


Advantages of Online Hotel Reservation System:

Customers can book tickets from any part of the world using internet.

Payment is done through online process.

For travelers who are visiting from long distance can book in advance.

No chance of mediators for booking rooms.

Download Online Hotel Reservation System Project Source code

Features of this Project:

World wide access for booking rooms

Image gallery of hotel rooms with description

Administrator will look after room booking conformations, room payments, providing offers for customers and generate reports for every hotel , sales reports and staff details.

Future Scope:

There are few advancements we can make in online hotel reservation system  like developing a application which can be inserted in any website which will increase scope of reaching users. We can also develop app for hotel reservation.

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