Online Examination System in PHP

Web based PHP and MYSQL project titled Online examination system is a new method of conducting test for students through online. There are many exams like GRE, TOFEL which are conducted through online. This system is similar to these tests.

Online Examination System

Online Examination System

Project Description:

Web applications had given scope for developing new projects which are reducing manual works and reducing manual power for completing works. There are applications like online college administration; online Task Management System which are also web based projects.

Most of the colleges conduct exams using regular methods like paper based. In this method teachers, correction, results delay, conduction exam are areas where human resource is required.

Using online examination method questions are maintained in database and students should answer multiple choice questions within in few minutes results are displayed on computer screen.

Project Advantages:

This application wills save time and results are displayed as soon as exam is completed.

Paper work is reduced and man power is reduced.

Admin can update latest questions and modify, delete, updated existing questions from database.

Step by step exam procedure is shown on screen for clear understanding about test procedure.

Download Online Examination System Project in PHP

Design Details:

Front End : PHP

Back End Database:  MYSQL

This project source code, project report is also available in asp.net, java programming languages. Download code from below reference links.

Useful Links:

Online Web Examination System Project 

Online Examination System Project Report

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