Online Clinic Management System Project

Online clinic management system Project is a software application designed in PHP programming language. This system is useful for reducing manual work involved in clinics.

online clinic management system project

Project Description:

In hospitals where patients visit in large scale need poly clinic management system for providing efficient service to customers and reduce work load by organizing data in procedure oriented manner.

This application covers features like doctors timings, patient information system, Aplying for online appointments,  Online billing system, Download test reports..etc.

Working process:

Administrator is primary user who has access to add, delete or modify existing details in database. Patient should book slot for doctors through online and  Doctors are provided with account with user name and password who can update patients related information with reports updating after check up. These reports are forwarded to administration section for final approval where online billing, medical bills and payments are done.

Advantages of Online Clinic Management System

Reduces manual work and improves quality of service.

Patients can save time and get appointment from doctors using online process.

Payments can be done through online. Test reports are provided through online.

Patients have their own account with unique user name and password to view old reports and test reports.

Download online clinic management system project source code in PHP.

Project Scope:

This project creates new business solutions in medical field where support and service is provided through online. We can add medical insurance related facilities to this system and create patients accounts like individual, family and provide special packages for patients to improve business.

Useful Links:

Online Clinic Management System Documentation

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