Online Banking System Project in PHP

Online banking system project is also called as net banking system which is developed in PHP and MYSQL. This application is a web application for existing banking system to provide better service to users and also reduce work load.

online banking system project

Project Description:

Banking management system need best service, accurate in calculation, secured money transfer. Every bank should satisfy users with fast and best service. In order to provide all these services and improve efficiency in banking system we designed online banking system project for managing fund transfers, check book issues, Check account summary, updating and modifying address details and online payment.


Few years back most of the banks used to run on manual system where users need to visit bank for withdraw money or transfer money. Now most of the banks are integrated online banking system where users can perform most of the operations through online.

Online banking system project has reduced this manual work and provides scope for best service and fast transactions with high security.

Project Design:

There are various designed forms in this project like admin , complaint, customer data, loan , login, mini statement, money transfer, search, update delete data, transaction details.

Features in Online Bank management System:

Secured login for users and admin for protecting form hacking.

Fast updating of transaction information to users account

Customer support through online by sending mails.

Account summary report for every transaction and generate mini report and search records based on date and month.

Download Online Bank System Project in PHP source code

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