Online Banking Project

Online banking project (PHP) is a web based application which is similar to that of existing online banking websites that most of the banks use with basic features.

Online banking project

Project Synopsis:

In present generation most of the banking operations are done through online web application software which has various features like online money transfer, balance enquiry, fixed deposit details, transferring money to other banks, settings for changing address , email id, phone number and mobile message updating, Mini and detailed money transfer statement, online report generation.

In this project we implemented most of the basic features that are available in every online banking site.

Online Banking Management System Introduction:

Few years bank most the banks used to work on manual methods were users need to visit bank for any type of operations related to money, loan, check book, statement..etc. By introduction online banking system concept this manual work was reduced and which also improved standards of support from banks and service is fast and cost of human resources is also reduced.

There are various aspects that need to be considered before developing this project from security, accurate calculations, user friendly process, customer support, integrating various banking systems..etc

Developing this application is challenging task . Here we provide this project related source code in php which will be helpful for students for education purpose.

Youtube video link to view er diagram, dfd for asp.net project.


Software and Hardware Requirements:

Front end Design: PHP programming language.

Back end Database design: MYSQL

Download Online banking project source code in PHP.

Project development:

This web application can be designed in asp.net, vb.net, java programming languages with similar features. We provide few useful links for downloading project source code and project reports.

Useful Links:

Online Banking System Project in Asp.Net

Online Banking Project PPT

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