Mba Project Report on Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Format Sample

Mba Project Report on Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Format Conclusion:

  • present Performance Appraisal System is providing an opportunity for each employees to have understanding of his reporting officer’s expectation from him to a considerable extent only. It shows that employee’s of IAL are clear about their predefined objective(s) which they have to attain in course of their work period. 
  • Performance Appraisal is helping  the IAL employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses to a considerable extent only. Based on these views we can conclude that Performance appraisal has become almost significant and indispensable tool for all the organization irrespective of the operations into which it is.
  • Performance Appraisal is providing an opportunity for self-/review and assessment to a considerable extent. Thus it can be concluded that  employees are able to assess their own achievement for a particular financial year and the same they are able to put forward to the reporting officer, so as to consider all their achievements, restrictions.  
  • Performance Appraisal assessment of each employee focuses on the personality factors and attributes required for current job. Thus , it is a good feature of appraisal system at IAL. 
  • Performance Appraisal is ensuring  feedback to the employee’s to some extent Thus IAL should provide constructive feedbacks are given to the employees and it should  be devoid of  severe criticism, suppression or domination. 
  • Appraisal system is providing an opportunity for a discussion between the appraiser and appraise on the expectations achievement, failure, constraint and improvements required.to a considerable extent . Therefore we can conclude that  IAL is very much concerned in understanding their employees. 
  • Performance appraisal system encourages open communication between appraiser/appraise through performance review discussion to a considerable extent which exhibits a good picture about IAL. 
  • The appraisal system has a scope for correcting the biases of reporting officer through review process to some extent only . It means to large extent bias is their while rating an employees performance. If  IAL truly wants to boost the morale of the employee then it should appraise the employee’s without any favoritism. 
  • To little extent periodic orientation programmes are conducted to explained the details of the appraisal system.A ideal appraisal system should conduct orientation programmes to explain the details of the appraisal system .
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