MBA Project on Dividend Policy ICICI Bank

MBA Project on Dividend Policy ICICI Bank Findings and Suggestions:


Following are the findings from the dividend decision analysis of the ICICI:

1)            Profit After Tax has increased from Rs 45.75 Cores to Rs. 265.68 Cores.

2)            Earning per share has improved from Rs 9.99 to Rs. 58.08

3)            Dividend has been benched from Rs. 3.00 to 4.00

4)            Increased net worth from Rs. 416.05 Cores to Rs. 654.43

5)            The dividend carries some informational content.

6)            The dividend pay out ratio has an impact on the firm.

7)            The dividend per share increased normally.

8)            There is a fluctuation in earning per share

 9)           The Return per share has been increased gradually. 


The following Suggestions are being provide to

The ICICI industry.

1)            Investors always prefer the dividend payment for Capital appreciation. Hence some amount of Dividend must be paid regularly. Unless the Payment will reduce the net worth of the industry.

2)         The industry should improve the dividend per share.

3)            The industry should follow stable dividend policy.

4)            The industry should maintain high per share.

5)            The industry must improve and maintain high ratio.

6)            When the industry gets the price earning highly, that industry will grow

7)            In The industry Net worth is very good. The industry has to maintain this type of Net worth.

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