Spam Filtering

Spam filtering email project ( java project report) is a mail filtering application which is useful to remove unwanted and spam emails form inbox and help users to display only useful mails. 

spam filtering

Project Introduction:

Mailing is a primary source for communication between employees or users for sharing various type of information. Mainly employees share important information which is secured but problem with present mailing systems are we receive various other mails which are not important like advertising mails, spam mails…etc in order to deal with these messages we designed a simple mail filtering application called spam filtering email. 

In this filtering process we will remove unwanted emails from inbox by defining criteria in email box which will filter unwanted mails.

Project Title:

Spam filtering Project in Java 

Hardware and software requirements:

Front End Design: Java programming language

Back End Database: MYSQL. 

Project Advantages:

Bandwidth consumption will be reduced.

Important mails are only displayed which saves time.

Easy to delete unwanted messages at a time. 

Download Spam filtering Project in Java Project Report. 

Useful Links: 

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