Project Management System Project Report

Project Management System Project report consists of design details, database details, sample source code in java, class diagram, sequence diagram, flow chart, screen shots.

Project Management System Project

There are 2 modules in our project Project Management System :


  1. Administrator
  2. Guide
  3. Team
  4. Guest

Now Sub-Modules of the Modules are explained as follows


                        The Administrator is provided with all the necessary access permissions that the Project Portal provides, Administrator is having all the permissions like

  1. Viewing all the old projects
  2. Viewing all Team Profiles
  3. Viewing all Guide Profiles
  4. Schedule Notices
  5. Change Password
  6. Viewing all the current year Projects(2010)
  7. Download Uploads by the Teams 

Viewing all the Old Projects

                        Here all the OldProjets done by our seniors can be viewed by the Administrator , Guide and Teams as a result Teams who are going to do the projects can choose other than this project for their project to be done.

Viewing all the Team Profile

                        Administrator is having the permission to see all the Team Profiles of the Teams who have Registered, in the profile of the Teams registration it displays who are doing the project under the guidance if the Guide mentioned and team members can be seen and what are the projects that the Team is doing can also be seen by the Admin.

Viewing all the Guide Profile

                        Viewing Guide Profile is one of the permission that the Administrator is having, here Administrator can view all the Guides Profiles who has been registered for the project as the guide

Schedule Notices

                        Administrator is having the permission to Schedule the Notices i.e. Admin can give the Notices that what to do and when to submit the project and Scheduled time can also be given by the Administrator 

Change Password

                         This is the permission that the Administrator is having because for the Security purpose Only Administrator can change his password

Viewing all the current year Projects(2010)

                        Administrator can separately view the current Year Projects as such it can be viewed clearly what are the current projects that are going on.

Download Uploads by the Teams

                        Here all the projects can be uploaded by the Teams and the Uploaded executable files can be seen by the Administrator and he can Download 

Download Project Management System Project Report


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