Optical Character Recognition System Project Report

     Thus our need is to develop Optical character recognition software  Project in Java system to perform Document Image Analysis which transforms documents in paper format to electronic format. For this process there are various techniques in the world. Among all those techniques we have chosen Optical Character Recognition as main fundamental technique to recognize characters.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition Project Module:


     This module can be accessed by both the administrator and the end-user. Once the printed documents are converted into structured documents, any user can recognize the characters present in the document. That means the user can recognize the characters of any language he chooses which makes OCR more flexible. This flexibility is due to the adaptation of grid infrastructure. This is the module where the main functionality of OCR is tested.

     Under this module, there are two types of recognition. They are handwritten recogniiton and  scanned document recognition.

In handwritten recognition, the handwriting of the user in any language is trained to the system only for the first time. From there on-wards, the system recognizes the characters or words written by the user. Thus handwritten document recognition recognizes the human handwriting.

In scanned document recognition, the system is first trained with the font characters in the document in the training module itself. Now in the recognition module, the system takes the scanned documents image as an input file, first crops the image and then extracts/recognizes the characters from the document and makes these documents editable and searchable. Thus the scanned document recognition recognizes the characters from the scanned document image and makes the document editable and searchable. Hence the document recognition module on a whole supports the following services:- 

  • Converts the document into specific format
  • Recognizes the characters
  • Heterogeneous character Recognition

Download Optical Character Recognition Software Project in Java Source code, project report, ppt, SRS.

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