Online Store Management System

Online store management system project in java is a web based shopping project. This java project has features like supplier information, items information, staff information, view orders and change password. 

Online store management system



      Administrator completely deals with the transactions done on the Online Stores.     He is person who maintains the following information.

  1. The Administrator at the Server machine is sole responsible for the maintenance of the website.
  2. He maintains Items on the Stores and the Staff .
  3. He can view the orders, posted by customers.
  4. He can also view the Dispatch Order and Delivery order.

 Store manager

      Store manager will view the Orders given by Customers. And he approves the Orders Posted by the Customers. Email id of the customer is a valid user. Manager should be able to see following reports

    1. Store manager should be able to see the Orders posted by customers.
    2. Approve the orders and status is changed to DISPATCH.
    3.  Items with quantity lesser that their specified numbers.
    4. To see purchase history by customer wise and item wise.
    5.  To see purchase history in specified Date/time duration

  Delivery Manager

  1. Once order is approved, it should go to delivery.
  2.  Delivery manager would process the actual delivery and changes the status to DELIVER.
  3.  She/he gets status for all pending deliveries on the day.


  1. A customer can request to create login with following information i.e., Name, Delivery Address, Email id, Password, Credit card.
  2.  Once customer logins, he is able to select items in his shopping cart. He is able to add/remove/modify quantity of goods in shopping cart.
  3. If placing order for selected goods, then customer can able to do COD i.e., Cash on Delivery.
  4.  Customer can have several purchase orders in one login session.
  5.   If any time, quantity of an item goes lower than a specified number, a status is sent to manager.


  1. Supplier should be able to see the items he supplied to the store.
  2. Supplier can view Status.

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