Online Examination System

Online examination system project ( JAVA) helps users to take various types of tests through online and provide detailed analysis in the form of reports with score information.

Tasks involved in e examination system are divided in two different modules and based on features permissions are given to users.

online examination system


Modules Description:

There are two main modules students or user module and administrator modules. Admin is the primary user who can add, delete, modify any information in the system like adding new questions to test, generate reports, managing members profiles, where as member module can register with application and update profile information and take tests. 

Project Requirement:

Project can be designed using any programming language (vb.net, asp.net, java, php).

Features must be user friendly and easy to navigate between different pages.

Main page must contain all links related to type of test.

Login and registration form for registering new users and performing operations like password re generation.

Security methods for registration like not allowing duplicate user names and same email id for multiple accounts. Captcha to protecting from spam users registration.

Youtube video link to view screen shots


Member must have option to update profile details and view test related reports and scores from my account.

Options for members should be provided for selecting type of test from available list and details of test reports, score cards must be stored in to his account for future review.

For analyzing test results students must have option to view answers.

While taking test shuffling method should be used for randomly displaying questions. Questions must be taken from question bank.

Download Online Examination System Project Source Code.

Download project reports in java and  PHP from below links with Database. 

Useful Links: 

Online Examination System Project Report in PHP

Online Examination System Project Report

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