Online Course Management System Project in Java

To overcome the limitations of an existing system of conducting the exam, this Online Course Management System Project was developed. This new system will provide the users to select the exam that he wants to write and save a lot of time, money and physical strength for both examiners and examinees. This also provides the facility of issuing results immediately after the exam without much delay. 

Online Course Management System

Functional Requirements

General Constraints

There are some of the general constraints that is pre-conditions, post-conditions and business rules which we need to maintain in our system they are listed below


  • The user has to register before writing the exam.
  • User has to select the exam from the given list of exams by the administrator.


  • The user should finish the exam within the time specified by the administrator.
  • Results should be displayed to the user immediately after finishing the exam.

    Business Rules

  • The non-registered users cannot take up the exams.

The user should finish the exam within the time limit        


          Questionnaire method allows the collection of information from the different groups and users and from some experienced persons. The use of standardized question format can yield more reliable data than other fact-finding techniques and the wide distribution ensures greater anonymity for respondents, which can lead to more honest responses. Thus this method can be used in this project to gather information about the process of the project.

Download Online Course Management System Project in Java Source Code, Project Report and PPT

For Source Code visit below links


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