Online BookStore Project

Project Titled “Online bookstore project” (java) is a web portal useful for buying books through online. This application provides solution for searching various types of books from different categories and select book and place order and pay using online methods.

Online BookStore

Online BookStore Project

Project Abstract:

Online web applications are fast growing business platform for buying and selling goods from home. There are many e-commerce sites like ebay, fipkart, google marker..etc which provides services for buying  electronics, dresses, shoes ..etc. This project is similar to these sites where users can search for various types of books and buy through online.

Design and Methodology:

In this project we use different types of technical approaches mentioned below.

For front end web page design HTML language is used.

For back end database oracle is used.

Database connectivity is established using java JDBC technology.

SQL query languages is used for updating, deleting and modifying details in database.

Java servlet technology for client server interaction.

For implementing shopping cart java servlet session tracking is used.

Youtube video link to view screen shots, presentation


Design Explanation:

Online bookstore consist of user friendly graphical user interface through which users can search for book names queries, details are retrieved from database. Control function designed in java is used to process data from user and database then displayed to user. Control function acts as bridge for searching data from external online book stores.

Download online bookstore project source code

List of forms:

Add item process

Add to cart process


Create new buyer process

Duplicate buyer error

Login Log off

New buyer form

Remove item process

Links to download full project report with PPT and related project source code in asp.net, vb.net

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