Store Management System Project

Store management system project is specially designed in java and postgresql for manufacturing industries for organizing schedule details based on the request of dealers. This application is a web based application through which dealers will interact with manufacturing company about sales and product sales.

Based on these daily updates company will manufacture stock to full fill dealer requirements in a given time.  This process will continue for every week based on the updates of dealers. Store management software will draw schedule of delivery and schedule of stock requirement.

store management system project

Manufacturing company will look after sales of past week which are updated on internet by dealers and analyzes total amount of quantity required for production for next week. Software will draw a detailed information like amount of raw material required, time available, parts required and total cost for manufacturing will be quoted which is available for dealer and company.

If the quoted details are ok with dealer and company order is placed and delivery schedule is prepared. Then production plan is prepared based on the parts and stock availability updated to software.

Main advantages of this project is every operation from bill , parts, stock , time schedule is transparent between dealer and company so there is no chance of wrong deal and every operation is performed through internet which is visible from any location and it is secure and provide efficient business solution.

Store Management System Project Software Requirements:

Front End: Java

Back End Database: postgresql

Architecture: 3 Tire model

Download Store management system project Source Code

Project History:

This project is developed by CSE final year students as part of final year project for central power Distribution Company.

We provide full project report with source code, screen shots, database design and data flow diagram for free download.

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