Implementing Library Management System Project Using JAVA

Library management system is designed by analysis on issues in existing library system which are maintained manually. Java using MS SQL database design is the best option for implementing library system.

Library management system project

Main Objective:

Library management system is a software application with different modules for managing and organizing different tasks in a library. Using this system librarian can store information of book issuing details, time , date, cost, pending information. Users can easily find out availability of book by searching using library application.

Abstract for Library management system will give an overview on aim, software and hardware requirements with each module explained in detail.

Library management system project Youtube Video link.

Video covers DFD , sequence and class diagram

Features in Library management system Java Project:

Add Delete and Modify book details with customer information in to database.

Search feature for finding availability of stock in library.

Payment system will allow librarian to calculate payment details and print bill.

We can calculate Pending due for late submission of book by user.

Difference between Existing and Proposed Library System:

In existing library system process is manual where data is managed in records and resource required for maintaining library is more. In proposed system software application is used where data is stored in database with high security. Human resource will be decreased only one person can handle entire library.

Project Title: Library Management System Project in JAVA

Education background and Platform Dependency:

Students from BCA, MCA final year students can use library management project. This project can be developed in asp.net, java, VB.Net,PHP. Here we provide java project source code for free download.

Library Management System Project in java Source Code

Future Scope:

Developing project using RFID will be additional advancements in this system

By adding SMS module to this application we can send final date for submission along with payment details.

User can request availability of book by sending message to library.

Download Links for

Library Management System DFD Diagram

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