Hospital Management System Project in Java

Developing a java based Hospital management system  application for managing patients information and billing procedure  for hospitals . This application works on LAN.

Features in Hospital Java Project:

Receptionist can update new patients information using this application which can be viewed by doctor, nurses form different locations.

Billing details are updated and stored to database

Doctor appointment details are updated to this system.

Overall this system provides a user friends and solution for every problem in hospital management.

Platform Dependency:

Hospital management system project is implemented in java, asp.net, visual basic(VB). This project abstract and source code is for java platform using SQL Server database.

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Proposed System Advantages Compare to Existing System:

In existing system work is done manually and data is maintained in records. In hospital management system project a user friendly GUI is designed where everyone can operate it easily and data is stored in database.  This system works on LAN which makes more comfortable.

Hospital management system project

Modules and Their functionality:

Admin: Using this module admin can update data about doctors, employees, patients information, billing details, treatment information. Admin has full permissions to update delete and modify any details.

Patient: Every patient has his own page with detailed information about treatment.

Other modules in this application are incoming patient and outgoing patient, lab and billing module.

Detailed explanation on hospital management modules and functionality, screen shots, UML diagrams, sequence diagrams and database design,data flow diagrams are provided in project documentation.

Hospital management system project in java

Project in Practice:

In our country there are many hospitals still following manual methods. This application can make their work simple.  

Innovative Modules for Future Extension:

This application is for basic needs. We can add SMS updating to doctors and patients based on seriousness of situation.

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