Crime Management System Project Documentation

Using Crime Management System Project ( documentation )general public, police or security agencies can report about crimes .With this system reporters simply get into their case details and can observe the case details according to their F.I.R. Both general public and police communicate with each other through this system. Hence this system is used to provide service.

Crime Management System



  • Reporting forms are available on web.
  • Proofs are enclosed online.
  • Verification of recognized citizens on web page.
  • Allot unique identity number to each complaint.
  • Track all the police and complainers contact details.
  • Complainer’s details are hidden by the user’s request.
  • Maintain the centralized database to provide a security to information of complainers.
  • Search tool is provided to recognize the criminals..
  • Progress tracking tool is made available.
  • Complainers are furnished with case details.
  • Police are only liable to access to investigation tool.
  • Every police station unique identity to access investigation tool.
  • Complaints are maintained in general diary.
  • Secure registration and profile management for detectives and security agencies.
  • Feedback is maintained for efficiency.
  • Helpdesk is maintained for user queries.    

Youtube video link to view design details and screen shots of this project


Users of the System

  • Public
  • Police
  • Security Agencies
  • Administrator
  • Detectives


  • Use of crime reporting system may cause certain problems such as danger of hacking personal information such as name, address, account number etc.
  • Online crime reporting can be difficult to learn for a beginner.


  • Reporter’s authentication verification through election identification database.
  • Automatic mobile alerts are sending to all reporters, when the database modifications had done.
  • Automatic system backup done, without any administrator interaction.  
  • Enhance to national wide web application.
  • Biometric technologies are used for reports authentication.

Database Tables:

  1. Registration
  2. crimereport
  3. Vehiclesearch
  4. Valsearch
  5. Missingcitizenrep
  6. Alerts
  7. feedback
  8. Polcaserep
  9. Criminals
  10. Policestationdetails
  11. Btmv_categories
  12. Btmv_topics
  13. Btmv_posts
  14. albums

Download Crime Management System Project Documentation, project Report, Source Code, PPT, Source code in java.


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